"You want to be a beauty therapist... With those grades... What a waste!"

As a young girl growing up in Buckinghamshire I knew I wanted to make people feel better and care for them so I set to work learning to be a beauty therapist at The London College of Fashion, Oxford Circus. 2 years later I graduated and got my first appointment in an acne clinic learning the ropes.

During my first year I learned of a new venture Richard Branson was introducing to Virgin Atlantic Airways - Beauty Therapy on board his flights... That was me sold! I hadn't discovered my passion for travelling yet but I started to get 'an itch' to travel. After first working in the Virgin Touch Spa in the Upper Class Lounge at Heathrow pampering the Upper Class passengers. I spent 12 months in Majorca helping to set up Richard Branson's spa in his Hotel 'La Residencia' in Deia. I then returned to the UK and spent 2 years travelling the world providing in flight treatments to the Upper Class Passengers.

I lived in New Zealand for a year as a spa Manager then Sales Person and Trainer for Dermalogica and PhD waxing system.

On my return to the UK I helped set up the Chelsea Club Spa and then moved to work for Elemis where I spent seven amazing years. Four of those in UK sales before finally returning to travel as 'International Distribution Sales Manager'.

It was at this stage I left my corporate world to have 2 beautiful baby girls.

Now they are little people I have set up my own private treatment room at home going back to my roots by providing beauty treatments for both Face & Body and drawing on my twenty years of experience to make a difference to people's lives and wellbeing.